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Satellite Antenna across London

Professional company specialised in installing satellite dishes across whole London and within 100 miles radius.

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Antene Satelit Londra
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Installation of Security Systems (CCTV & Alarms)

Installation of security systems (CCTV and alarms)  - last generation with remote access from your phone (Android & iPhone).

Do you want to have peace of mind wherever you are?

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Camere Supraveghere CCTV Londra
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TV & Receivers Repairs!

Has your TV or receiver broken down?

Call us and a specialist will be at your home as soon as possible!

We are here to help you out!

We offer 6 months warranty!

Reparatii Televizoare TV Londra
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Full Package
Full HD

  • Receiver DIGI – Full HD
  • LNB
  • Antenna Dish
  • Cable of 10m
  • Accessories (connectors, cable organiser, antenna mounting, etc.)

Full Package
Dolce Telekom
Full HD

  • Receiver Dolce – Full HD
  • LNB
  • Antenna Dish
  • Cable of 10m
  • Accessories (connectors, cable organiser, antenna mounting, etc.)

Full Package
Focus Sat
Full HD

  • Receiver Focus – Full HD
  • LNB
  • Antenna Dish
  • Cable of 10m
  • Accessories (connectors, cable organiser, antenna mounting, etc.)

Full Package
Full HD

  • Orange Receiver Full HD
  • LNB
  • Antenna Dish
  • Cable of 10m
  • Accessories (connectors, cable organiser, antenna mounting, etc.)

Our Services

Antene Satelit Londra

Satellite Antenna

Satellite dish antenna installations Telekom, Orange, Focus Sat, DIGI, Freeview, Sky and Aerial.

Check systems, adjustments relocation on the same premises or elsewhere in case you move house.

Sisteme Alarma Londra


Complete installations of alarms at home or at your office.

Depending on your needs, we configure sensors for windows, doors, bells and control panels.

Sisteme Supraveghere CCTV Londra

Security Cameras (CCTV)

We are installing security cameras (CCTV) at home or at your office.

We have a wide range of packages from Full HD up to 8K including PTZ (rotating)

The packages include one or more Full HD cameras with a DVR or NVR unit depending on your needs.

Price List

Please see below our Price List.
For more information, don' t hesitate to contact us!

Satellite Antenna Installation (Incl. Antenna)

We install the latest receiver technologies: Telekom PVR HD with recording system (HDD), Orange SD/HD, Focus Sat SD/HD, DIGI SD/HD, HUMAX SD/HD, Technomate SD/HD, Sky SD/HD and others.

Satellite Antenna Installation (Client's Antenna)

If you already have the equipment, we will take care of the installation! 

We have the necessary accessories for installation (cable, connectors, etc.) in stock, in case you don't have them.

Satellite Antennas Adjustments

For any technical problems regarding signal reception, contact us!

We check the connection and ensure the maximum quality of image is transmitted.   

Receivers Repairs

We repair Telekom, Digi, Focus Sat, Dolce, Sky, etc. receivers! Warranty: 6 months.

The repair costs only apply if we can repair your receiver. Otherwise, you have no cost!

TV repairs

We repair TVs ( Samsung, LG, Sony, Hitachi, Philips, Sharp, etc.) Warranty: 6 months.

The repair costs only apply if we can repair your TV. Otherwise, you have no costs!

Alarms installations

We install alarm systems!

Contact us to decide together the system you need.

Camera systems (CCTV)

We install surveillance systems!

We have a wide range of packages from Full HD to 8K including PTZ (rotating) systems.

Contact us to decide together the system you need.

Remote Controls

We have TV remote controls for Samsung, LG, JVC, SONY, BUSH, SHARP, Panasonic, Philips, HITACHI, etc.

We have remote controls for receivers: Telekom Kaon SD/HD, Telekom Samsung SD/HD, Telekom PVR HD and DIGI.

If you live outside of London, we will post to you the desired remote control via Royal Mail.


We have in stock accessories for internet or satellite dishes: TV cable, CAT5/6/7 internet cable, RJ45 TV or internet connectors, antenna bracket and everything needed for internet/satellite.

Întrebări frecvente

Immediately after placing an order, the address will be automatically placed in our calendar and assigned to a technician.
It is very possible that we can come the same day, if not, the next day, depending on your location.
I work from Monday to Sunday, between 08 am and 10 pm.

When the technician leaves for your location, he will call you to inform you what time he will arrive.
If you don't answer the phone, he will continue with the next job and will get back to you after you confirm that you are at home

In most cases, you will pay the price established when placing the order. There are some works where, on site, the situation can change depending on various factors (for example if the antenna must be installed on the chimney of the house, if the work requires additional materials or if the information you have provided us is not complete) - you will be charged additionally, but you will be informed beforehand and only after you have given your consent will the execution of the work continue.

Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

For some works, a travel fee will be charged, depending on your location. You will be called and informed if necessary, and we will start for you only after acceptance.

Yes. In 99% of cases, the work will be carried out according to the order.

In the event that we will not be able to arrive on that day due to traffic or other external factors, we will contact you to establish an alternative option.

We are available from Monday to Sunday, between 08am-10pm, at:
07817 220825.

Yes, but only when it rains torrentially, for a short time. With a well-adjusted and correctly sized antenna, this phenomenon should not be very troublesome.

Some yes, but some not. Even "normal" programs like TVR1 or ProTV etc. they are encoded during satellite transmission.

In general, the satellites are somewhere near the equator. If you have a balcony or a window where you can see the sun all day, there is a chance that a satellite dish can be mounted there.

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If your address is outside of our coverage area, please get in touch with us by phone, WhatsApp or Facebook for more details.

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